The Traditional Plan is a Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Finalist, and was selected as a Finalist for Austin After Dark Film Festival's Screenwriting Competition.  

Positive Feedback for The Traditional Plan:

"I found the script relatable because the characters and the story are well developed and compelling. Jill and Sam's relationship is very natural as it compels the reader to care about their characters and their relationship. The story in this script is unique and compelling because of the way it modernizes the coming out story. The depiction of the Methodist Church is well done because it is able to be considerate of the Methodist faith while still calling for change within the religious institution. This script is very familiar because it fits into the molds of other similar lesbian movies without feeling redundant or boring. The characters in this script really stand out because they are unique and individual. Every character brings something different to this script so it never feels like any of the characters are unnecessary and all of the characters have a clear purpose within the story."

"Every quiet scene between Jill and Sam feels real. They truly seem to have chemistry and a rich history that we are able to see come to life."

The Traditional Plan

an androgynous lesbian returns to the south during Advent to rekindle a romance with a woman from her past, who happens to now be the clergywoman at her family church in this rites of passage dramedy. 

Sam, a lesbian in her 30s travels home to Baton Rouge, LA for her obligatory holiday visit with family, but this time she has a goal - rekindle the spark between her and her high school crush. The only problem, her high school crush Jill is now the lead minister at the family United Methodist Church. Jill struggles to be a good minister and follow in the footsteps of her father. After a closeted older member of the aging community dies Sam and Jill are forced to confront the role the church’s stance on homosexuality has had on their lives, all while avoiding Laura, the meddling queen bee of the church.